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Hi there Kitty, (December 2017)
I am sorry for getting back to you so late but I wanted to send a final note to tell you thank you very much for all of your help with my son and his sleep. You’re advice was precious for us and we really feel confident now and finally feel like we have a handle on things. It has made a world of difference. I really appreciate all of the advice and tips on feeding and scheduling.

October 2017

Many thanks for all your advice on Friday last. We have not been in contact, to be honest the reason being everything played out exactly how you predicted. Jack is now in bed for 7.30 and sleeps right through the night. He is a happier little boy also in his waking hours and Susan and I are so happy to have our control back. We actually have some time in the evenings now…which we forgotten how much we valued. Many thanks again. talk to you in the coming months prior to our new one arriving. Thanks again Kitty.

September 2017

Thank you Kitty!

The changes in our life have been invaluable. Sleep is the key!! With your guidance, we have completely re-established the bedtime routine with our 3 and 4 year old and the timing couldn’t be better as we are expecting another little one soon. Kitty you have given us the confidence to know that we are doing the right thing and our girls have responded tremendously. They are now sleeping 10-12 hours a night and jump into their beds, lights out by 730! They sleep in longer, are more rested and the general demeanor around the house has been calmer and happier. My husband and I have reclaimed our nights and have our whole bed back to ourselves! We couldn’t be happier that we contacted you and wish we had done it sooner. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and gentle, yet firm approach. I would not hesitate to contact you at any point in the future – and probably will be doing so in short order when baby 3 comes along! Thank you again!!


April 2017

When I called Kitty I was scared, extremely exhausted and unsure if this method was going to work… and in ONE NIGHT Eliana went from waking up every 1-2 hours to sleeping 11-13 hours straight (every night for the last 4 months!). We feel rested, sane, healthy and I have the mental and physical energy to be with my daughter now. I have time to tidy up, cook supper, have a phone call with a friend, take a longer shower, exercise, do day-to-day tasks, its wonderful!!!

Her naps are improving every week. She no longer takes 30 minute naps anymore. The shortest nap is 45 minutes but I keep her there for the full 2 hours. Mostly on and off wailing/talking, sometimes not for long, and she is back to sleep! We go on outings and she either falls asleep while we’re out or takes her nap when she gets back. We went to Palm Springs for a week. We tried sticking to a schedule, once again she surprised us all. She took two naps a day and slept through the night.

Best of all – her mood has done a 180. Our live have also done a 180! She is SO happy, smiling all the time and very rarely is cranky or cries. She smiles at strangers and lets them hold her! She eats better – finishes full bottles now! She doesn’t wake up in pain from gas, it’s like I have a new daughter.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Chloe + Joshua


January 2017

Thank you so much for all your help. The changes that have happened in our home in just 7 days have been amazing. When I contacted you I was so tired to the point where I felt unwell and today I’m feeling much more rested with a happier baby.  As you said, sleep is so important for our metal health and my husband and I are feeling much healthier today, both physically and mentally 🙂
Thank you again

November 2016

Thanks to you and your guidance I feel like I’m finally doing this right! But still second guess myself. Thanks for being there for me through this journey. I’m so thankful to know you and for all the emails over the months. I’ll never forget it. 💓


October 2016

Overall I would say last night went very well. We gave our son his bottle at 7:15 and put him down as you suggested. He fell asleep on his own but woke up the first time about an hour later. After about 5 minutes of fussing he put himself back to sleep at stayed asleep until 2! Between 2 and 3:15 he did a lot of angry babbling which escalated to what we would describe as yelling or shouting but very little actual crying. After that we didn’t hear from him until we went in at 7 to find him awake playing with his feet. He fed well, played for a while and then went back down again for an almost 2 hour nap.

I think we’re off to a great start and we’re looking forward to seeing how tonight goes!

October 2016

My son’s sleep training has gone really well. He’ll go down without a fuss for most naps and usually sleeps all 2 hours for them with no fussing now. It’s great. And bedtime is good. Took no time

June 15, 2016

Hi Kitty,

I realize that this is only day one and things can change, however, I already feel the need to express my gratitude. I put my daughter down last night just after 8 pm.  She protested for 6 minutes. She woke at 11 pm and protested for just over half an hour. She woke up for good at 630 am. I fed her and we played for the rest of the awake hour and I put her down for her first nap at 7 am. She protested for 5 minutes.
This was literally my first uninterrupted night of sleep in five months.
So, thank you!



April 2016

Thank you a million times Over!
I just wanted to touch base with you and send my sincerest thank you’s.
After speaking to you about our potty training issue back in January, my husband and I followed your advice/instructions to a tee. We got both sets of our parents in on it also so that our son would be getting the exact same kind of support from every family member. You were right, it didn’t happen overnight and it was definitely a work in progress. But low and behold, about 8 weeks from the time I first spoke with you he announced to me in the TV room that he no longer wanted to wear a pull up to bed. Now I was super nervous because he still wasn’t a regular on the potty (with poop) at this point but I didn’t want to discourage him……
We left the following day on a 1 week trip and I am so thrilled to say that we had no accidents and we are over 6 weeks in just underwear with a very proud and confident little man!!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me my sanity back and giving us the tools to help him to become confident with himself. I appreciate everything you did and the time you took with me during our call.
Now onto my next challenge…….a 4 month old who doesn’t want to sleep. You may be hearing from me soon in regards to this one also. lol

November 9, 2015

I just wanted to thank you for being such a good resource for me and my husband. My first born was such a good sleeper and didn’t have to do any sleep training with him. He just loved sleeping! When I had my daughter last September it was the complete opposite! I got your name from my doctor and I’m so glad I was able to find you. I started sleep training my daughter when she was 4 mos old last winter. She is now a good sleeper and our whole family is more rested because of it. Thank you so much!

June 14, 2015

Hello Kitty,
I hope this message finds you well.
I just wanted to thank you for all of your help! We touched base a few months back after a few sleepless months with Zane, and his throwing up etc… After your support and some restraint on my part to help him… He has been so wonderful!!! We have been having wonderful nights for the past few months now!!
He is doing so good, it makes me so happy!!
Thank you again!!

May 2, 2015
Yes it is a good thing they’re so darn cute, although that’s partly why the crying breaks my heart!
Kitty I can’t tell you how much your support has helped me – with the nighttime sleep and today. I couldn’t, wouldn’t have done it without you… very much appreciated!
I’ll find a pic for you, I haven’t been able to get one of her beautiful full gummy smile yet but will work on that…
Have a great night, chat tomorrow! -Christy


January 31, 2015

Kitty!!! You are amazing.
My only regret is that I didn’t contact you sooner…
Last night Faolan went to bed at 7:44 slept until 6:05
Sherri B. says: This was the 4th time we have worked with Kitty as our son is 3.5 years old and have a 1 year old. When we feel like things are getting out of control or we aren’t sure how to handle a particular behaviour or situation (or we simply can’t agree on next steps) we can count on Kitty’s expertise to help us get on the same page and move past it with confidence. Thank you so much for your assistance in helping our family get back to what really matters and put the worries aside. When it comes to our own children and discipline it’s easy to let emotions cloud good parenting skills – we appreciate your firm but caring approach!


                                                                                                                             December 31 2014

I have a 17 month old  and a 4 week old baby. I took your sleep from the start class and purchased the 0-3 month manual prior to my oldest daughter’s birth. My husband and I implemented 98% of your suggestions with her and we are happy to report that she started to sleep 8 hours through the night at 7 weeks old, and increased her night’s sleep to 12 hours soon after. As a result, she is a great napper and nighttime sleeper. We have not had to get up with her during the night since she was 7 weeks old.  We did experience the typical hiccup whey she was around 4 months old, but she would awake once or twice and cry for 5 minutes max. Each time she would soothe herself back to sleep.
Our 4.5 week old baby is sleeping straight from 930pm-6am, and she is a wonderful napper as I can put her down awake in her crib (which is in her own bedroom) and she will not fuss (or will fuss minimally) before falling asleep for 2 hours (or more if I let her). We still have a difficult time during the “witching hour” from 7-9pm, but It’s a work in progress!
I feel like I am a better, well rested mother as a result of your sleep training.

Hi Kitty,                                                                                                              December 30, 2014

So far, things are still going really well. He’s slept the past three nights around 11 hours straight. As well, our naps are stretching out to be mostly 1 and a half to two hours. Last one of the day is usually the toughest though.
I am so happy I reached out to you because I feel like this has been a significant mark on my parenting. I always knew the kind of child I wanted to raise, a strong, independent and happy one. I’ve realized during this process that this is the point where I am starting to shape the kind of parent I will be. Going to him at every call and visiting him countless times in the night was starting to be the easier thing to do, not necessarily the right thing to do. Not unlike giving your kid dessert every five minutes. It is easy and they’re happy but it isn’t going to help them in the long run. I feel like now I am starting to actually “parent” and teach my son some important life skills.
So thank you for that!


Corinna V. says: Despite some significant concerns with the cry-it-out methodology, we gave Kitty’s recommendations a try and were very happy with the results. Kitty gives you a solid understanding of the best way to prepare the baby for positive night sleeping results.
Potty training troubles
Stephanie N. says: I had a helpful and informative 60min conversation with Kitty. She listens, asks pertinent questions, gathers all information and then gives her feedback. I would not hesitate to set up another conversation if I need to. I highly recommend this service!
I’d be lost without Kitty!
Jenelle A. says: This is my 3rd interaction with kitty, and she is wonderful! Her method worked like a charm with my daughter, and I know with a little work, it will work for my son!
Sleep training
Becky E. says: I really enjoyed my conversation with Kitty yesterday! It gave me the confidence to do what I needed to do for my little guy! She had lots of information, and reasons why it is ok to do this and told me what I can expect each day. So far so good! Thanks for the advice!!!
Confidence Booster
Frustrated Calgary Mom x. says: Sometimes all a frustrated, sleep deprived parent needs is to hear from an outsider that what they are doing is the right thing and which areas need to be tweaked. I had my husband sit in on the call too so he could hear it from the horse’s mouth!

From What to Expect parenting forum)

From: Malibuqueen

To: adb19
Posted: Aug-24 09:44 AM via the iPhone app (21 of 29)

There is a sleep seminar we took in Calgary with a woman who is an infant sleep specialist. It was the most eye opening most common sense seminar we ever took and am so glad we did. When she explains her reasons and views on certain things, it just makes sense …………………………………As FTM you are unsure about a lot of things and can be overly cautious at times. You kind of have to learn to trust your baby and know that it has certain instincts hard wired in them……………………….we may look at them, with things like crying and think that they are uncomfortable or somethings wrong, but you can’t figure out why because you gave tried everything. But in fact if you let your baby do what comes naturally for them, they can learn to self sooth and put themselves to sleep……………………….anyways that is just a small part of it. I would suggest going on her website and buying her ebook. Considering you aren’t starting from newborn like she suggests you might want to buy her two ebooks, 0-3 months and 3-6 month. They are only $30 combined and you will be so happy you did…………………………… Her name is Kitty Raymond. Just google it and browse through her website and on her Services and/or About page you will find her ebooks. Do it! Best $30 you will ever spend.

Thank you, Kitty

Thank you, thank you!!!  You really have made a huge difference in the quality of my parenting life!!!

Kelliann April 2014

Thanks Kitty

I just wanted to let you know we have had 4 successful naps  1 yesterday and all 3 today!!!

Dear Mrs. Raymond

I would first like to say that I am on DAY 3 three and my 4 month old slept through the second and again last night! HURRAY!! THANK YOU!! Your video and schedule I purchased from your website were terrific!

November 2013

Hi Kitty

Well, here are my results
1st night – up 5 times maximum crying was 10 minutes each wake up
2nd night – up 3 times maximum crying was 2-3 minutes each wake up
3rd night – NOT A SOUND!!!!!!  I went in at 7:30am as he was just sitting there hanging out!
SO PROUD of him!!  Thanks so much for your help!  Best money I’ve ever spent.

Sleep Class by Kitty Raymond – Prenatal to one year

Hello Kitty,
Thank you for the information in this week’s Sleep Seminar! We are looking forward to having our baby in the New Year and working on getting into a routine!

Thank you, Kitty

On a side note, just want to say how grateful we are to have found you.  Your blogs and seminars have helped us tremendously with our two kids and your advice has never led us astray.  We have two wonderful children and we owe a lot of that to you, so thank you for everything you do.


Extremely useful, informative and presented in an organized and concise manner.

I found this seminar extremely useful, informative and presented in an organized and concise manner.  I’ve learned a lot and would definitely recommend this class to new parents.

Alexandra S

What a difference!!

Our 9 week old son, Logan, had been a horrible sleeper, and we were at our wits end. After attending Raymond Parenting “Sleep from the Start”, his sleeping patterns have changed dramatically. After only one day, he was sleeping through the night, and was having regular naps. He has become a more independent baby, without needing to be carried around to fall asleep. We went from a 4 hour routine to get him to go to sleep… to putting him in his bed, and now he falls asleep in 5 minutes. What a difference!!


At 9 weeks Katie was sleeping through the night

First of all I would like to thank you for all the help and guidance you’ve given us so far.  My husband and I attended your class “Sleep From the Start” while I was still pregnant.  Katie was born on August 15, 2009 and we implemented everything we learned in your class.  At 9 weeks Katie was sleeping through the night (from 8pm until 7am) and her 3 hour daily schedule was working beautifully.  We are able to put her down for naps and nighttime sleep fully awake and she puts herself to sleep without any fuss.


Attending the “Sleep from the Start” seminar was the best decision we made

Attending the “Sleep from the Start” seminar was the best decision we made in planning for our new baby.  We implemented the tips and strategies from day one and our 7 week old daughter falls asleep on her own without any crying. She is on a great routine with 2-3 hour naps during the day.  As a result my husband and I have a healthy, happy relationship and our two year old enjoys her new baby sister as much as we do.  Thank you Kitty!