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Setting Healthy Limits for Ages 1-3 Years - Summary Video

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Children need parents to provide unquestioned leadership as they struggle to learn self-discipline. What should this look like in your family?

Discipline is one of the most loving - yet difficult - jobs a parent has to do.  Children test their parents every day and parents are left wondering how to get a child to listen, what to do about temper tantrums and how to keep a toddler from running away. How parents respond  during these moments will ultimately determine how your child goes out to meet the world.

No one can be the perfect parent but we all need good tools and well-researched strategies to meet each new challenge from a child who is begging to know where the limits are.  Kitty also discusses how and why some misbehavior is predictable and what you can do to prepare yourself ahead of time.

Kitty Raymond helps you get a perspective, have a laugh and go home with new strategies and tools.

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