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In addition to providing strategies to create a head start on forming healthy sleep habits – early, gradually, gently – even from a newborn stage, Kitty is going to provide a compassionate overview of the conflicting opinions new parents are now presented, from hospital to playground and every point in between.

SLEEP FROM THE START Prenatal sleep counseling by phone

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Kitty Raymond shares her unique approach to helping your baby sleep well, right from the start!
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I would also like to thank you for doing what you do and being such a tremendous help to our family. From my first baby nearly seven years ago up until today, you have provided so much support and insight. Your advice has been invaluable and your perspective as a child advocate is refreshing. You have (more than once) given me so much needed confidence as a mother and lifted what seemed like the weight of the world off of my shoulders. You give us as parents a moment to breathe which we so often forget about. So thankful for the work you do.

E.M March 2013