Are We Expecting Too Much from Mothers?

Posted January 16, 2011

YES! I've long worried about this and have seen the toll first-hand in women who cry from guilt, lash out from sleep deprivation or call themselves failures because... motherhood is supposed to be a joy, but the babyis still crying...all the books have been read, the baby is being fed every 2 hours around the clock - as instructed by people who are in 'authority' - the breast pump is humming...but the family is a mess!

  According to her new book (controversial, of course!) "Is Breast Best? Taking on the Breastfeeding Experts and the New High Stakes of Motherhood," author Joan B . Wolf observes that in the world of parenting we've replaced "good enough" mothering with "total motherhood.


You may read an interview with Joan B. Wolf in the January 17, 2011 issue of MACLEAN'S.  You can order the book here.

I invite readers to post a comment here, telling me if you've read the article or the book and what you believe about what she has to say.  I've tangled with lactivists before online, so I'll only approve comments - on both sides - which are curteously written.

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