Swaddling Babies for Sleep

October 21, 2015

  I remember watching our hospital nurse swaddle our newborn baby and wondering if I could learn to do it that fast and that well.  She seemed to settle so quickly after being wrapped in her little cocoon. Does swaddling help with sleep and calming for most babies?  Extensive, conclusive Dutch research tells us that […]


Dear Kitty. A Schedule for My Newborn?

September 8, 2015

Dear Kitty, Our baby is 3 weeks old.  We’ve been told to “feed on demand” but this little one wants to feed constantly.  We also have a toddler who needs attention.  Can you suggest a schedule to suit a newborn that will also leave me time for my toddler? Thank you. Kitty’s Answer: Many parents […]




How Do I Discipline My Three Year Old?

August 26, 2015

Dear Kitty, About a year ago I did a phone consult with you about my then two-year-old son.  It helped a lot at that time.  Things are changing now and I want to upgrade my discipline.  I remember you mentioned two tools; I think they were called logical consequences and purposeful ignoring.  Can you please […]


Kids Change Our Lives – Suddenly and Dramatically

August 11, 2015

The crossover line is thin. Very thin, in the sense that one day you are still a member of the Pregnancy Club where you’ve gotten to know some new friends, bought new clothes and with whom you’ve been enrolled in a 9-month course on birth and delivery, with enough books to last through three deliveries. […]


As Only A Parent Can

July 22, 2015

From the time you first bring your newborn home, depending on your perspective you either have “one very short year” or “a whole, long year” to spend with your baby before your mat leave will end. Twelve months to shape this baby’s start in life, forge your own relationship, explore the pleasures of parenting and… […]


Acid Reflux and Sleep

July 13, 2015

Acid Reflux and Sleep Dear Kitty We have a 3.5 month old baby.  She spits up a lot and is fussy, doesn’t sleep well and seems to have a lot of gas.  Our doctor says she may have acid reflux.  The doctor suggested we treat it with Gaviscon and we plan to try that.  However, […]


My Personal Story from Twelve Years Ago

May 19, 2015

  This is it. Tonight, my daughter and son-in-law will fly home on a plane and take over these two adorable, addictive, all-absorbing children. It will feel bittersweet – bitter because we’ve had so much fun cooking together, having a picnic in the back yard, using the potty, reading Horton the Elephant over and over, […]




Saying Sorry

May 1, 2015

Gabby is a feisty three and a half year old girl, with a new sibling on the way.  She is at an stage when a child may test  parents  with all the ways she has found to manipulate them.  One of her strongest attempts comes after or even during a temper tantrum as she yells […]




Five Questions To Ask About Sleep Training

April 20, 2015

  Some parents feel very uneasy about starting to sleep-train their baby or toddler.  They wonder if their child is ready and they wonder if they are ready.  It feels like a very big step – yet staying with the status quo means the family continues to feel disrupted and sleep-deprived.  If this uncertainty feels […]




Sleepless Dad in BC

April 13, 2015

Dear Kitty,

My wife and I live in British Columbia and our daughter just turned one year.  That is exactly the length of time since we had a good night’s sleep!  We’ve tried so many things, read Dr. Richard Ferber’s book and M. Weissbluth’s book but our daughter simply screams her head off and seems to get worse with each night.  We finally give in and once we put her into our bed, she’s sound asleep.  You might wonder why we don’t just do that every night?  Trouble is she is restless.  She rolls around, kicks and pushes.  We heard about you from a friend in Calgary and right now we feel you may be our last chance to ever be sane again.


What’s The Hardest Part of Sleep-Training a Baby?

April 1, 2015

The hardest part of sleep- training a baby is making the decision to do it in the first place.  If you are like most parents you wait until you are really desperate to finally say “I can’t do this any more!” The Problem In the first weeks it’s so tempting and it’s a lovely feeling […]