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 Kitty Raymond, a pediatric sleep and behavioral specialist with a psychology degree from University of California, Santa Barbara, has over 30 years of experience with families in her private practice.

Before opening Raymond Parenting (previously Infant Resource Centre) in 1984, Kitty was parent-liason for Head Start in California, worked on her Masters degree at the University of Illinois Child Development Lab, taught homebound high school students, taught preschool in Calgary and served for five years as  Teacher Consultant for Observation Nurseries in Calgary.  As research emerged on the importance of the first three years of life, Kitty began focussing on parent education, seeing parents as the key to the beneficial development and a healthy start for babies.

For many years, Calgary parents of babies from birth to three years attended her Parenting Playgroups, enjoying Kitty's support and education as well as the support of other parents. 

A few years ago Kitty widened her focus to include prenatal parents who were concerned about helping their baby sleep well right from the start and parents of 1-6 year olds who were struggling with sleep issues or needed help with feeding, ,discipline, potty training and a variety of other common parenting issues.

As a Sleep Consultant, Kitty Raymond advises parents on how to help their children, from birth to age six, learn self-calming sklls to help with initiating sleep, maintaing sleep through the night and taking age-appropriate, refreshing naps.  Efficient brain development, improved feeding routines and the restoration of family harmony are among the benefits a Consultation with Kitty can bring.

As a Parenting Consultant, Kitty is available to discuss and advise on initiating or repairing potty training, temper tantrums and discipline, high sensitivity, friendship problems and sibling struggles.

Email Consultations are available for purchase on any topic, if you prefer to write instead of talk.

Pre/Postnatal Sleep Class (up to one year of age) offered monthly.


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SLEEP FROM NOW ON Consultation by Phone

$197.00 Book Now
This Sleep Consultation includes a 60-minute phone conversation and two weeks of follow-up email contact with Kitty Raymond
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Everyday Parenting Challenges - Consultation by Phone

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This Parenting Consultation includes a 60- minute telephone conversation with Kitty Raymond plus 2 follow-up emails
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Sleep from the Start Summary Video

In this condensed version of our prenatal Sleep seminar, Kitty advises parents on ways to gently sleep-train their newborn.
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The Manual - 0-3 Months - eBook

The manual you wish came with your newborn. This is in E-book format for download and immediate access.
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The Manual Continued… Guidelines and Schedule for a 3-6 Month Baby

This E-book continues where 'The Manual' left off and focuses on babies 3-6 months of age.
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