About Kitty Raymond

Registering at a Seminar

Since 1984, parents of infants, toddlers and preschoolers across North America have benefitted from parenting consultations with Kitty Raymond of Raymond Parenting.  As a pediatric sleep and behavioral specialist with a degree from University of California, Santa Barbara, Kitty has over 30 years of experience with families in her private practice.


If you are a sleep-deprived parent with a child who needs your help to fall asleep - or a parent with concerns and questions about your child’s behavior (including toilet training, discipline, eating, etc.) a consultation with Kitty will provide you with new tools and new ideas that fit for your particular child and your parenting style. 


As a Sleep Consultant, Kitty Raymond advises parents on how to help their babies, toddlers and preschoolers learn to to put themselves to sleep independently, sleep through the night and take age-appropriate, refreshing naps.  Efficient brain development, improved feeding routines and the restoration of family harmony are among the benefits a Consultation with Kitty can bring.

As a Behavior Consultant Kitty offers help with temper tantrums, teaching the word "no," children talking back, not listening and aggressive behavior and whining, as well as language development, preschool choices, shyness and separation anxiety.

  • Behavior Consultations may also address toilet training, potty chairs, diapers, treats, pooping and constipation in children.
  • Kitty advises on the behavioral aspects of breastfeeding, bottle feeding, attachment, bonding, weaning and teething and avoiding habits that may prove to be problematic in the future.
  • With a Behavioral Consultation on feeding, Kitty will advise on picky eaters, growth charts, meat, vegetables, formula, breast milk, night bottles, starting a bottle, getting rid of bottles, starting solid food and the highly sensitive eater.

Awards Received

In 1996 Kitty Raymond was nominated for a Pinnacle Award for her "...commitment to the well-being of children and parents in a thoroughly professional, entrepreneurial and innovative manner."

In 1997 Kitty Raymond was nominated for the YWCA Woman of Distinction Award for her "outstanding contribution in the field of Education and Social Services."

Arranging for a Telephone Consultation

Kitty Raymond offers Telephone Consultations both locally and long-distance, on all the above topics.

Kitty Raymond offers Email Consults for short questions; a two-pack purchase covers slightly longer questions.

SeminarSeminars (Calgary)

Sleep from the Start (prenatal/postnatal)

Sleep from Now On (12 lbs up to 3 years)

Setting Healthy Limits, Age 1-5 Years

Toilet Learning the Easy Way (Age 19months to 3.5 Years)

Help on these topics for older children is available from Kitty Raymond via a Telephone Consultation.

Publications, Audio downloads and Video downloads

Kitty has written "The Manual" for parents with babies from birth to 3 months.  This book is available as a PDF and may be purchased from our store for immediate download to your computer as an ebook (25 pages).

"The Manual" for 3-6 Months (continued) is available as an article download.

In addition, Kitty has recorded several audio downloads on topics like temper tantrums and picky eating.  These are available in our store for immediate download to your computer.