About Kitty

The big news in 1984 was about new discoveries around early brain development and the importance of a child’s first three years.  I was working as a preschool teacher but suddenly, I wanted to move right to the start of a baby’s life and work with parents to help families get off to the best possible start in their life together using this new-found knowledge.  The private agency I founded for this purpose was called the Infant Resource Centre.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that – first things first – parents needed to be settled with either breast or bottle (or combo)  and they had to recover from sleep deprivation.  My counseling dealt primarily with those issues, to begin with.

Today, sleep remains the first, most important  issue  families struggle with.  Ensuring good sleep for everyone – most especially mother and baby – is a basic requirement for building a secure attachment.

My agency is now called Raymond Parent Counseling.  Besides sleep counseling, parents rely on me for advice on excessive crying, encouraging self-calming, separation anxiety, teething, developmental changes and behaviors that accompany those changes, as well as how to avoid over-stimulation, starting solid food, feeding a picky eater, advice on potty training, constipation, temper tantrums, aggression and other issues of normal or possibly abnormal behavioral difficulties.

 Through my counseling sessions, my blog and my Facebook page, I’m able to offer my influence and perspective on a myriad of parenting questions and offer strategies designed to support the fact that I believe parenting can be a fun and wonderful experience for every family.

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