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“Built on the solid foundation of knowledge about babies and young children begun by Magda Gerber, Kitty’s parenting advice fosters the instinctual capabilities that babies and young children have and want to use, and helps them to grow into truly attached, secure, confident, happy, respectful, and loved human beings.”

-Dr. Kristine Bertsch, Calgary Family Physician

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Sleep is the First Step


Our most popular counseling topic for parents with children from birth through preschool – is sleep.

Get off to an easier, more informed start with your newborn by speaking to Kitty before your baby is born about strategies for avoiding sleep problems.

For parents of toddlers and preschoolers bring harmony back to your family life by helping all members – including parents – experience uninterrupted, refreshing sleep and the good moods that follow.

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Discipline for Toddlers and Preschoolers

letter_from_dad12130792_sTalk with Kitty to learn how to set healthy, simple limits/rules to guide your toddler or preschooler through the difficult stages of development.

Caring, confident  discipline helps children learn self-regulation.

Children need parents to provide unquestioned leadership as they struggle to learn self-discipline. What will this look like in your family?

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Potty Training

6981088_sTalk with Kitty about one of childhoods hottest topics: when to start and how to finish potty training.  Plus, solutions to potty resistance.

A 60-Minute Consultation with Kitty gives you insight as to why this milestone can be complicated for some children especially if your child is highly sensitive or early verbal.  Learn how to avoid a power struggle – or get out of one – with your toddler.

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Raising a Good Eater

high_chair14531226_sTalk with Kitty

Whether your baby resists the breast, won’t take a bottle, has trouble transitioning to solid food or becomes what you might call a “picky eater,  a phone consultation will ease your mind and offer new strategies.

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How does counseling work?